Welcome to JGUIraffe

This is the official project site of the JGUIraffe library. JGUIraffe is a framework supporting the implementation of Java desktop applications using concepts like declarative UI definition, action and command objects, and dependency injection. On this page you find comprehensive documentation and download links. The documentation consists of the following parts:

  • The JGUIraffe library documentation is the reference documentation of JGUIraffe. It includes an overview, user's guide, Javadocs, and development reports. When learning the library this is the place to start.
  • The JGUIraffe examples documentation deals with the examples shipped with the library. This includes a description of the JGUIraffe tutorial application - an application which demonstrates many concepts of the library combined to a real world example.


2012-11-15 Release 1.2 of JGUIraffe. The library can now be used in an OSGi environment. The newest artifacts can be downloaded from SourceForge and are also available in the Central Maven repository.
2012-02-12 Release 1.1 of JGUIraffe. This is a maintenance release which contains some bug fixes and adds a couple of new features. Maven artifacts have been deployed to the Central Maven repository.
2010-10-31 The JGUIraffe jar has been deployed to the Central Maven repository. Projects using Maven as their build tool can now declare the JGUIraffe dependency as follows:
2010-09-03 Release 1.0 of JGUIraffe.
2010-08-26 The JGUIraffe tutorial application is now available.


The JGUIraffe distributions are available in two different flavours:

  • The binary distribution mainly contains the jar with the code of the library. This is needed when running an application based on JGUIraffe. In addition, there are the Javadocs and helper jars with source code and API documentation which can be integrated into common IDEs.
  • The source distribution contains the sources of the JGUIraffe library, the examples, and the web site. From these sources the library can be built using the Maven build.

You can dowload both distributions from the Sourceforge project site.. To ensure integrity the artifacts have been signed. Please make sure that you verify the signature after downloading. A file with the keys used for signing can be found here.